First and foremost, I want to start this specific piece off just by saying how much I thoroughly appreciate each and every person following this blog. With each view, visitor, like, or comment, makes my day that much better, and I cannot thank you enough for that. I firmly believe that writing is an endeavor about creating content for the reader, and without that, every effort would be a kind of vainglorious attempt, so again thank you. On that note, I cannot emphasize enough as to how important the notion of the reader/writer relationship is to me as a writer. As such, something that is always on the back of my mind is the question as to what kinds of things that my audience actually wants to read about; the things that they actually care about, and are interested in, so that I can work on the said relationship by covering those issues in particular. So, on that note, I ask the reader to comment below the kinds of things that they would like to see covered on this blog and depending on the responses, I will make sure to go through them individually and accordingly, and write pieces that address those prompt. Anyways, again, I thank you and hope that you have a great day, and don’t forget to drop a comment below.
Kindest Regards,
Aaron M. Weis