Writing & Research: Aaron M. Weis

I have to admit that I am tremendously enthralled to hear about the rumored developments in circulation pertaining to Sunrise Mall in the Sacramento County area. Growing up in the area, I’ve had a plethora of positive moments there that I’ve simply lost track of them all. It was always a real treat when my family and I had the opportunity to go there in our time off, and the employees there really create for a positive shopping experience for the whole family, and that’s not to mention the fact that it is simply just one of the more family-friendly business in the area that has a little bit of everything to offer for everybody.

For as long as my shaky recollection of memory can care to serve me, I can still vividly recall purchasing my first CD’s there, which I am a little embarrassed to admit was that of the very first NSYNC album, which admittingly I got because it was my babysitter’s favorite band. And I am not going to lie, I am not listening to them as I write this in order to stimulate a sense of nostalgia; Tearing Up My Heart to be exact.

In the same capacity, I can remember the many birthdays’s spent there and getting to take part in the evolution of Apple products from my very first iPod Nano to my most recent iPod touch, and countless other Apple products, including my most recent iMac, and let me tell you, it has been interesting, to say the least, to take part in that development, and the idea of the Apple Genius still makes me chuckle. And, on a similar note, I can even bring to mind the fact that there was a time that I almost considered getting a Zune as opposed to the products offered by Apple, to which I almost wish I had because I still have all my MP3 players from throughout the years.

Not only that, but I have absolutely loved the experiences that I have had there over the years that have been completely unrelated to any type of pecuniary purchase, or material gain. Time spent with friends over the years, just roaming through the vast structure, and window shopping, or watching the progression of Marvel movies throughout the years at the movie theater located there. Just as was the case in the many first dates that I had there with my first love as we explored the different things that we were both interested in.

It is for reasons such as these that I am extremely excited to see the developments that the community has for the mall in question to take place. According to differing resources, the mall is to undergo what is arguably much-needed renovations. Speculations include the possibility that the mall will try to incorporate the likes of an ice-skating rink, in an attempt to appeal to the younger demographic, as well as the possibility of a day spa.

The postulated structural headway that I am most looking forward to, is the discussion that has been started in this regard, is that of how the remodeling is supposedly going to include housing units as well. This decision is being made in part because they are seeing a tremendous change in the retail market, as well as to meet the exigency of how nearly thirty percent of the nearly seventy-five-acre lot is nearly vacant.

I am so stoked to hear this as a resident of the Sacramento area because personal I feel it will be a step forward in addressing the cities homelessness problem. Not only that but as both a writer and an artist, if that were the case, I could see some real potential in those lots being utilized as a type of art studio for individuals in a similar line of work.

A more interesting development is this notion that the Macy’s located on the premises is apparently motioning to create for a kind of sip and shop experience in providing wine to its customers while they are going about their business. Not that this is the first time that Macy’s has applied for a liquor permit. In fact, it has done so some 1111 times in recent years, with them generally increasing the number of times that they do so with each year that passes, but it will definitely be interesting to see if this is something that actually takes place.

At any rate, it is extremely exciting to watch this process take place and to see what the finished product will entail when the remodeling of the cities economic powerhouse is finally finished. Although I am kind of sad to see the place that has been home to so many positive memories to be done over, I can not wait to create so many more new ones in the years to come.