Writing and Research: Aaron M. Weis
Do you love to write? If you are anything like me, then your blood type is most likely that of black ink, and equipped with your pen, notepad, and laptop, I know that you have an almost insatiable desire or hunger to perfect your craft by any means possible; constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to do so. Well, I have good news for you. Come August 8th, 2019 such an occasion is to take place in the Sacramento area in the form of a writing conference held by a very well acclaimed author and editor.
When speaking on the craft of writing, Stephen King (hold back your enthusiasm, the writing conference is not his) once noted that ” Writing is a lonely job. Having someone who believes in you makes a lot of difference. They don’t have to make speeches. Just believing in you is usually enough.”
In my seven years of writing, I can personally attest as to how irrevocably true this simple, yet profound observation is. Writing at it’s most raw and authentic core is a continuous work of faith, and I cannot emphasize that enough. Just the faith required to manifest, conceptualize, and self-actualize an idea for a piece of any scale alone calls for the highest degree of self-conviction. That being said, this fact does not keep into account that with all the blood, sweat, and tears that you shed into each project with every single word, the tremendous amount of confidence in one’s ability that is required to overcome the reality that despite all of your hard work, that you may never see a dime for it. And don’t get me started on the tribulations of family and friends thinking that you are wasting your time and that you should pursue a more practical career, any career for that matter that is outside of the realm of the arts, regardless of how tremendously important they are to us as a people.
In this epoch of human history, we live in an age that could arguably be defined by a kind of entrepreneurial spirit. However, there is a very sad truth that when we think of the writer, or any artistic type, that this is not the characteristic that we associate with them, no, definitely not anything to do with business to any degree. But this notion is so tremendously far-removed from the truth. In all actuality, like the businessman or the entrepreneur, the author with their writing creates a product, and then with all the stength, they can muster, attempt to force that piece down the throat of anyone that will listen in an attempt to sale it. But I’ll tell you what; there is a certain level of genius behind the product that a writer creates. Most merchandise or services for that matter have to be repetitiously mass-produced on a grand scale over and over again to make a profit. However, the writer is fortunate enough that they only have to create their product once, and if bought, the publisher in question is responsible for this aspect, saving the writer a tremendous burden and amount of time to do what they love.
With all that being kept into consideration, it goes without saying that every aspiring writer or otherwise needs all the help, guidance, and direction that they can in what is ultimately an incredibly lonely endeavor. If you are going to master a craft, then you are going to need as many people as possible to teach and mentor you in order to help you circumvent and navigate the rough waters that lie ahead of you. And hopefully, in return to complete the mentor-student relationship, you will one day be able to help someone else in their journey as well. All life, after all, is relationships, we are all here to help one another progress regardless of one’s profession.
This is a crucial aspect of the craft or trade of writing that I cannot stress enough. Personally, I am constantly looking for better writers than myself, whether it’s in a collegiate environment, or through outlets such as Masterclass, and the likes so that I am always moving towards better myself on an individual level, and as a writer of course. And through the connections that I have made over the years, I happened to stumble across the event that is the central focus of this article in hopes that it can raise enough awareness for other aspiring writers, so that they may do the same.
So what exactly is this event that we’re speaking of? Well, back in 2016, Sacramento launched a relatively successful program known as, ‘The Writing Days Workshop,’ to which the main premises was to help authors in the area to get published, and to which will be the primary focus of this event in particular. On that note, Sacramento, California is proud to host the all-day function in, The 2019 Writing Workshop lead by none other than Chuck Sambuchino, previously of, ‘The Reader’s Digest.’
The doors to this incredible occasion will open precisely at 9:30 a.m. on August 9th, 2019, and it will run all the way through 5 p.m. But don’t miss out, reserve your spot as soon as possible, because this chance of a lifetime will only be offered to the first 150 people. It will be located at Courtyard Sacramento Midtown, 4422 Y St, Sacramento, CA 95817, and you can call (916) 455 – 6800 for more details on the occasion.
This one day workshop will provide intensive in-depth instruction on various aspects of getting published as an author, such as the essentials to pitching an idea to a literary agent, which is sometimes referred to as the elevator pitch, and much, much more, such as how to format your manuscript. In short, on the most fundamental level, it is a full day of classes devoted to guiding you in the right direction as a writer, in making sure that your work, fiction, non-fiction, or otherwise, gets published. It will also divulge into other topics such as how to write queries, marketing strategies for today’s market, or what makes your manuscript stand out to a potential editor, literary agent, publisher, and so on and so forth. As of current, their lineup will also include six literary agents, from six different agencies; namely that of Lesley Sabga, Jennifer Chen Tran, Emma Sector, Lisa Abellera, Moe Ferrara, as well as that of Jennifer March Soloway.
Now, this is an opportunity of priceless proportions when considering the teacher. Chuck Sambuchino has spent many years as an editor for none other than, The Reader’s Digest, up until very recently; 2017 to be exact. Working with Penguin Radom House, he has also edited such remarkable works as, The Guide to Literary Agents, as well as that of, ‘Children’s Writer’s and Illustrator’s Market.’ In addition to that, he manages multiple blogs such as, ‘The Write Life,’ and his Guide to Literary Agents blog which is impressively one of the largest in circulation.
If that wasn’t amazing enough in and of itself, he is also the author of many books, the majority of which are comedy or humor based. Exemplifications of some of his best-selling works include, but are by no means limited to the likes of, How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack, When Clowns Attack: A Survival Guide, as well as that of Create Your Writers Platform: The Key to Building an Audience, Selling More Books, and Finding Success as a Writer, in addition to Formatting and Submitting your Manuscript. It is worth mentioning that of these, How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack went on to be optioned by Sony Pictures. Not only that, but his works have been referenced in Reader’s Digest, The New York Times, The Huffington Post, Variety, USA Today, and many other sources, all of which speak as a tremendous testimonial in regards to his achievements, success, and credibility as a writer.
With the tremendous knowledge and insight that will be available at your fingertips in this one-day event, don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to grow in your adventure as a writer.