What is RPA and what can it do for your small business? In today’s technologically advanced age of information, various forms of artificial intelligence are quickly becoming the integral component that separates any business from its competition and could quite possibly be the very thing keeping your startup from taking things to the next level. On a fundamental level, RPA stands for Robotic process automation and is a new and transpiring business technology that is based on the conceptualization of providing artificially intelligent or robotic workers in order to outsource and take care of the more mundane, menial, and otherwise repetitive tasks in the workplace. As such, there is a vast multitude of various tasks, services, and functions that a good RPA can contribute to your startup.

Located in close proximity to the beautiful coastline of San Jose and founded in 2003, Automation Anywhere has irrevocably been leading the pack within its own respective industry in providing businesses with RPA services over the likes of organizations such as Blue Prism, UiPath, Workfusion, Pegasystems, Nice, and the likes, proving so set the gold standard if you will in terms of producing intellectual digitized workforces, and it shows, as they are ranked number one in the world in terms of enterprise-grade RPA. So, what exactly do their services look like, and how can they be applied in your business model?

At Automation Anywhere, their platform includes a vast plethora of software robotics or bots for your business that covers an all-inclusive range consisting of, but not limited to such aspects as BPO, healthcare, insurance, financial services, manufacturing, telecom, public sector, life sciences, and an entire gamut of other services by industry. Under each of these categorized overarching umbrellas, their technology or products consist of attended and unattended RPA automation. In short, this means that the attended bots can be configured to work alongside or in unison with a human worker, whereas the unattended robotics can be set up to be completely hands off and self-automated by programming it to take care of a specific task.

Another advantage of integrated or incorporating Automation Anywhere’s services into your company’s business model is that it gives you the best-digitized workforce that money can buy, which essentially means a unique combination of artificial intelligence working in synchronicity with advanced RPA and machine learning at your fingertips to be utilized at your disposal, which in turn, both stimulates your organizations sense of innovation and creativity. One such exemplification of what an automated digitized workforce can do for you includes the ability to consistently analyze and submit your businesses invoices in an integrated process from start to finish. Currently, their digital workforce includes digital sap accounts payable clerk, digital oracle accounts payable clerk, digital oracle accounts receivable clerk, digital azure IT admin, digital google cloud IT admin, as well as a digital AWS IT admin.

At the end of the day, there is no questioning that artificial intelligence to the likes of those services provided by Automation Anywhere is both completely revolutionizing and transforming all aspects of our lives, especially in the workplace. According to such sources as Forbes, it is often the case that the integration of such technologies that not only make it difficult for small business to make an impact in their industries and to emerge as a competitor in their respective industries, but simultaneously it is also the main variable or difference that really allows a company to reach its fullest potential and really thrive. And as such, it just might be the case that you begin to seriously contemplate how to incorporate such technologies in your business, and the unquestionable benefits that they bring with them.