There was once a wise and very well-to-do woman, thank you very much, that posited a simple and yet profound inquiry concerning her husband. To this end, she asked one of her closest confidants as to what one should get a man that had everything that a person could ever ask for? While they were unable to reach an agreement or viable solution about this matter, in a long list that included everything ranging from time, wisdom, and other priceless day-to-day commodities, the following catalog provides an in-depth description of five must-have items for the man in your life that has everything a man could ask for come to this Father’s Day.

  1. Star Map



When looking back at the never-ending reserve of lasting moments between you and your significant other, is there a specific date that most stands out, as if branded in your memory? Perhaps it is April 5th, 2017, the day that you and your partner met, or similarly the date of your first date, the moment that you realized that you loved them, or that they were the one, or July 20th, 2018, the day that you both tied the notch? At, they have the perfect gift to celebrate these timeless instances in your life for an extremely reasonable price.

Whatever the date, whether past, present or future, a twinkle in time’s star maps provides an individualized and customizable keepsake by creating printable maps of the various stars and their constellations for any given date and location. Using the highest quality paper and printing methodology, twinkle in time aspires to create for the best digital imaging of the cosmos as there were, or will be, for the date that has the most significant to you and your loved ones. To accomplish this heavenly mission statement, they make sure to incorporate the most innovative astrological data and technology of the likes of International Astronomy Union or IAU for these portraits of incalculable value.

To testify for the phenomenal work done by the artisans at a twinkle in time, their reviews speak for themselves. Take Drew Chambers for instance, who writes, “In our thirty years of marriage, only two gifts ever made my wife cry. This was one of them.”

  1. Spyguy 12 Hour Audio Recording Pen

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Is your bae, hubby, or otherwise the type of guy who absolutely loves to keep a detailed record or account of everything around him as evidence of things, or for the purpose of protecting their assets? And I mean to the point that you are seriously questioning if he would have been better off serving in the military if he hasn’t done so already?  Appeal to your man’s inner-child and the days he played as a spy or detective with the Spyguy 12-hour audio recording pen.

There are a vast plethora of reasons why the 12-hour thin voice activated pen makes this ledger of things that are unquestionably essential for that man that means the world to you. As it is, he probably already has a great many similar instruments to document the activities of his daily life, but this specific pen is unique, and unlike any other that he has ever had in its countless distinguishing features.

For a fairly a moderately fair-minded price, the 12-hour thin voice activated pen provides over twelve hours of quality audio recording, while being capable of picking up voice signatures from over forty-five feet away, all while being activated via voice, or simply by clicking the easy to use mechanism. As such, the pen bolsters the quality of recording individuals without their awareness, with its one-touch operation, and voice activation that makes it easy to use overall.

As with the other products on this list, the 12-hour audio recording pen comes highly rated and recommended. When compared to other similar devices, the Spyguy 12-hour pen boasts a 4.8 rating in quality assurance, and in meeting the customers needs with over 158 reviews. Comments on the pen included, but are not limited to, how easy the pen is to use, that it is a great product, very easy to use, and other similar remarks that describe it in very high esteem.

3.Ottlite Wellness Series Lamp



Let’s admit it; almost every influential man in our lives, regardless of the role the play, is for lack of better words, a workaholic. Day in and day out, they work meticulously and tediously around the clock, in order to build their own little empire; their own little place on this small planet in which they can take care of, and provide for the people in their lives that mean the most to them; that’s why they have everything one could possibly ask for after all is it not?

Show him how much you care about all those hard hours of labor with the Ottlite Wellness Series Lamp. Newsweek rated it as one of the top gift ideas for the workaholic dad for Father’s Day in their article entitled, The Ultimate Father’s Day 2019 Gift Guide: 14 Presents All Great Dads Need, by Paula Froelich and Laura Powers.

Ottlite Wellness Series Lamps simply shine bright in comparison to other lamps in the market, for a multitude of health-related reasons. Using the most innovative scientific technology, they have created for a series of lamps that are the closest one is going to get to capturing the natural light provided by the sun. While you can make the argument that it is as close as you are going to get towards getting the natural vitamin-d that he needs from the sun, the fact is that the Ottlite Wellness Series Lamp is a healthier choice for his eyes.


  1. Screen Print This Customizable T-Shirts

Are you and your significant other that quote-unquote, ‘it couple,’ that is the envy of the rest of the neighborhood, leaving them wondering in awe how the two of you pull it off? You know the type; that dynamic duo that somehow always manages to almost idiosyncratically color coordinate their clothing without intending to. This next item is quintessential for exactly the very same reason with his and her customizable t-shirts offered by Screen Print This.

No matter how corny, or intricate the design, screen print this has you covered in providing a top-tier individualized t-shirt experience for both you and the person that is nearest and dearest to you, all while ensuring that it matches the personality or brand of your relationship. Whether it is a favorite Shakespeare quip such as, “There is nothing I love so much as you – is not that strange,” divided by the two of you, or simply a matching his and her pair in the stereotypical blue and pink colors, screen print this works directly with you to ensure this personalized experience.

Unlike other competitors in this industry, you can feel assured that with Screen Print This, you will be left with clothing with a screen print design that would rival the likes of print screen artists such as Andy Warhol himself. So, what are you waiting for? Show the whole world what a cute, dorky, and otherwise corny couple you and your significant other are with Screen Print This today.


  1. Kool8 Water Bottle


Of all the items up for consideration in this list of presents for Father’s Day, this is the most convenient gift. After all, the Kool8 water bottle is easy to buy, and how can you possibly go wrong with a thermos that looks super modern. For all these reasons and more, let us examine why the Kool8 water bottle is an essential gift for that amazing man in your life this Father’s Day.

According to Cool Things Chicago’s article, 10 Best Water Bottles: Eco-friendly, Light & Modern, by Marina Turea, the Kool8 water bottle ranks in at number as the best overall water bottle for the year 2019. This determination was on the premises that the super cool, pun intended, water bottle or thermos, comes in a sleek, elegant, and modern design, while simultaneously being offered in a variety of different colors at one an economically affordable price. In addition, the Kool8 water bottle comes with a double-wall vacuum seal and is as the title suggests extremely eco-friendly, but that only scratches the surface level as to why this would be a wonderful gift this June 16th.

It is hard to narrow down on the long lists of reasons that this product is without a question a must-have item, but here are a select few features that really emphasize the quality of the Kool8 thermos. As indicated on the Kool8 company website, this water bottle is sturdy as steel, temperature controlled, tea-lover approved, with a standard design, and did we mention that it was convenient, easy on the wallet, and eco-friendly? Not only that, but you can feel better about your purchase knowing that twenty percent of all earnings are utilized towards the altruistic and philanthropical endeavor of donating purified water to the more underdeveloped and unprivileged parts of the globe.