The Internet of Things, or IoT. Although it can be a difficult notion to grasp, especially in its direct relationship with the incorporation of various artificially intelligent devices, one cannot emphasize enough exactly how significant a role IoT can play in the workplace. At the most basic level IoT or the Internet of Things is a term to describe a grid or lattice of interconnected Internet objects that gather then interchange data or information; a concept created in 1999 by Kevin Ashton, a British entrepreneur, and that is also synonymous or used interchangeably with Machine2Machince Communication or, simply, the acronym M2M. To understand this otherwise abstract and complex notion, consider if you will an illustration taken directly from nature that arguably best illustrates this idea. When we go out for a hike out in the forest, we may be forever lost to the fact, or completely unaware of how deep underground there is literally a vast network likened to the most highspeed information superhighway that you could ever possibly imagine, which, through various types of fungi allows the plants all around us to communicate and share information with each other, much like the way our neuropathways make connections; a comparison or parallelism that was highlighted in the blockbuster hit Avatar. At any rate, Iot, especially in its association with artificial intelligence, and more specifically digital transformation, can be a monumentally important or vital tool to be leveraged by your startup, and the people at C3 are irrevocably paving the way in terms of providing such a fortune 500 like platform.

There is no refuting that C3 or C3.ai is without question, a global leader in providing AI, IoT, and Big Data applications for various business. If you find yourself skeptical, or on the fence about what such services can do for you, consider the insight by Alan Murray of Fortune magazine, who estimates an exponential socioeconomic impact in an industry that it is predicated will generate over ten trillion dollars in real value by the year 2025. That being said, the accolades that C3 has won to date undeniably speak for themselves as to how C3 dominates the market in the services that it provides. Most noticeable is the fact that it is ranked number 32 in the world of private business changing the world. In addition, Tom Siebel, the CEO is ranked as number 17 of top CEO’s out of over 770,000 companies, while Siebel has simultaneously won EY’s entrepreneur of the year two years in a row, with Goldman Sachs naming him as one of the most interesting entrepreneurs. Moreover, Glassdoor ranks C3 at 4.9 in terms of being an impressive organization that’s pushing the envelope and as one of the best places to work, and that is only the tip of the iceberg of describing its long list of noticeable accomplishments. But what do those top tier services look like, and what exactly can they do for your business?

At a glance, C3 provides AI, IoT, and Big Data services across ten industries and growing including that of healthcare, aerospace and defense, manufacturing, oil and gas, utilities, banking, telecommunications, transportation, retail, as well as for the public sector. From there, their products can essentially be broken down into five main categories; the C3 AI suite which includes the all exclusive integrated development studio and AI suite services and capabilities. Asides from that, C3 also offers C3.ai Appliances, C3 AI appliance, C3 Enterprise Data Lake, and C3.ai product trials, which also include such services and applications as predictive maintenance, inventory optimization, energy management, anti-money laundering, fraud detection, sensor health, as well as a C3 supply network for your company, all of which are approximately twenty-five to one hundred times faster than the alternative methods or competitor software of the same similitude.

With the technologies offered by C3, especially that of various AI, IoT, and Big Data tools, you’ll quickly discover that there is no problem too big for this intricately designed lineup of products to solve and you and your company will soon redefine the way that you look at what you had previously considered being the unimaginable. What are you waiting for? Take the small leap of faith, and digitally transform your small business today.