Chapter One

It was a crisp cool autumnal night in the middle of November, and all was silent at the cosmic address of 60 Garden St., Cambridge Ma, Planet Earth. While all was, for the most part, well in this region of space, somewhere out in the vast recesses of the multi-verse, an alien species fretted as to where they would relocate themselves as their sun prepared itself for its great big supernova.

All was still and dark, except for a great illuminating light emitting forth from a large dome shaped structure situated on top of a  white rectangular foundation. Inside, a great grey satellite looking apparatus, known as the Great Refractor at the Harvard Smithsonian Center of Astrophysics pointed her monumental lens to the heavens above.

The operator of said machine was that of one Mr. Isaac Kepler, to whom was an ambitious expert of the field, and graduate student at that prestigious university in question. With his cup of coffee in hand, he circled the room several times over, checking the various monitors on the walls as he observed what he could have the Oort cloud that engulfed all of our solar systems for any irregularities, or anything at all that would stand out, so that he could work on his dissertation. But for the time being it seemed to be to no avail.

Had he been paying attention to the various reptiles and insects of the planet he could have very well prevailed at recording something worthwhile to write his paper on, for at approximately 9:00 p.m. they all seemed to vanish from the face of the earth of the earth. Interestingly enough, this was at the exact same time that the majority of humanity’s radio broadcasting networks met a type of mishap where the songs, “I’m a chameleon,”  and that of “Fireflies,” played on all airways. That particular convenience would have been something to write about indeed.

The insects fled for reasons pertaining to those animals who slither upon their bellies, and likewise, the reptiles departed due to that other mammalian lot, whose actions had been of such detrimental effect to the earth’s climate.

Interestingly enough, the only thing that was left to remain, was that of the shadings of the later genesis, as if in unison, they had all entered into a collective hyper-meditation, pealing themselves of this world into some other dimension.

Fortunately enough for him, it was at precisely the same time that there came a streaking white light likened to some meteor or asteroid that came into view, but it disappeared again as quickly as it had appeared. Now this was of a great surprise to Isaac Kepler as it had seemed that whatever the object was, that it was headed directly towards earth, and it was also unsettling to him because given the objects position, there was no way that it was humanly possible that whatever it was had traveled as fast as it did. Removing his large black rectangular glasses from his face, Isaac set his coffee down, and scribbled in his illegible writing what he had witnessed, noting the time at 9:01.

“Alas, how I wish to understand the wonders of the universe the better,” he let out into the empty room, sitting himself down at the table in front of him, running his fingers through his messy lock of jet black hair as he did so.

His attention then turned to a bottle of orange juice that was situated on the desk, at which point he did a double take, looking around the room as he did so, even though he knew that he was the only person in the building. He then proceeded to pull a little postage stamp like piece of paper from the breast pocket of his blue and white checkered collared shirt, which he then placed in the bottle of orange juice. After that he commenced to downing the entire bottle.

For some time, Isaac simply sat there, starring out of the great square opening in the building that provided the telescope ample room to observe the ethers above. As he looked up at the incalculable stars above, he could have sworn that one of the constellations took the shape of a rabbit, to which his imagination made white with it, although he could not tell if it was just the orange juice concoction.

Before he knew what happened, it seemed as if the titanic Oort cloud projecting from the screen engulfed him and all of the room, and that he himself was traversing the universe through said projection, the stars passing him by as he did so. For fifteen minutes he sat in this state of mind, until he brought himself back to his feet, saying into the empty room as he did so, “Yeah, I’m way to fucked up for this shit right now.”

Slightly misbalanced, Isaac made his way around the room, switching off the various machines as he did so, after which he finished by shutting off the telescope and closing its square enclosure around it. As he turned the lights off at the observatories exit, he recalled a party that one of his colleagues had invited him to earlier, and for the first time since his freshman years, felt an odd inclination to attend the nights festivities.

Isaac slowly made his way from the building to the empty street some several hundred yards away. As he did so, he felt the most peculiar sensation that he was one with everything and everything; as if he was the blades of grass that met the varying trees that then cascaded into the skies, and the heavens above, and as such, he couldn’t help but see, or feel how everything to a certain extent, was all interconnected; that is that there was a sense of unity between all things, and it made his appreciation for the cosmos grow on a deeper level.

So it was to Isaac’s great relief when he reached the slab of black concrete that a cab came passing by, as if confirming to him that everything was in fact connected. He sent his arms flailing through the air as he hailed the taxi, which brought it over to the curb besides him.

“29 A Tremort St. Apt. 3C,” Isaac let out as he entered the passenger side of the cab, and it was much to his own surprise that he did so, in that he was shocked that he had somehow recalled the address at all. He had truly though that he had forgotten it, as he hadn’t fully intended on going.

Eight minutes later, Isaac paid the taxi driver his fare of some nine dollars and ninety-nine cents, before stepping onto the curb of his destination. “Thank you kind sir,” he quipped as the cab peeled its way off into the vastness of the night, the driver hardly within audible range to hear his polite notion.

In an about face motion, Isaac turned on his heel and immediately felt butterflies in his stomach at the sight of the sea of people littering the front of the apartment complex. As a highly introverted and introspective individual, these types of social networking events always put him a bit at unease, and he usually had to resort to leaving early as to go  home and recharge his batteries. Nonetheless, he summoned his inner strength and courage, and made his way towards the quaint little square building of red brick design, complete with a double glass paned doorway at its bottom most center, and consisting of four rows of five single glass paned windows revealing the various different apartment complexes within them.

Once inside, he was welcomed by another wave of collegiate students scattered along the sides of the hallways, to whom where entertaining themselves to fine drink and conversing amongst themselves about the various ways of the world. Isaac made his way directly to the grand staircase that welcomed him, and headed his way up the stairs, zig-zagging his way through the crowded stairwell. “Sorry, excuse me, pardon me,” he would say with each individual that came in his way.
When he finally reached apartment 3C, he briefly paused in front of the door, taking a deep breath as he did so. Then he reached out his hand and went to knock on the door right about where the bass engraving of the apartment number was, but he was stopped as the door burst open with a couple emerging from its depth the both of whom were lost in a fit of laughter as they exited. With the door left wide open, Isaac made a double take, looking both directions before letting himself into the small, quaint, and extremely overpopulated room. 

Given his present state, Isaac felt almost as if he could feel the strong vitality emanating from the room, and was so overwhelmed by it, that he half considered making his leave right then and there. It was as he was about to do so when he heard his name called from the other side of the living room.

Isaac looked over, and little to his incredulity found that it was his acquaintance from school, and none other than Taylor Penrose to whom was situated nicely on a black couch of leather material, sitting between two ravishing woman on either side of him. Without so much as a second thought, Isaac made his way over to where they were sitting.

“Isaac come, take a seat over here,” Taylor let out with a boyish grin that made him look like some sort of Ken barbie doll what with his combed over blonde hair and electric blue eyes that complemented his somewhat tanned, or bronzed complexion well; waving Isaac over all the while. “Speak of the devil,” he continued, his smile never wavering, “we were just speaking of you.”

“Really, good things I hope,” Isaac responded, pulling a bottle of nicotine lozenges from out of his coat pocket as he did so, which he immediately withdrew from and popped one into his mouth.

“Yes, of course old chap, nothing but the best. I was just telling them how bloody brilliant you were with your damn high IQ, what with you being a part of Mensa and what have you. I was trying to articulate your rather, well, unique insight into the nature of the universe, however, I do think it is best that you do so for yourself. They are your ideas after all, and Lord knows how fascinating they are. But first, let me introduce you to these two ravishing young ladies. Here on my right is Selena Nova, and this,” he said motioning to his left, “is the very aspiring and ambitious Chelsea Reinhardt.” Much to his bewilderment however, he found that Isaac seemed lost in thought, looking around the room with a sort of blank expression on his face. “Isaac,” he repeated, his smile for the first time faltering which he covered up with a sip of the red wine in front of him.

“Sorry do forgive me. I dropped some acid about an hour ago, somewhat of a little side experiment of mine as to whether or not it really expands consciousness, and it’s really booming right now. I’m Isaac, and it’s a pleasure meeting you both. A real delight,” he answered with a faint smile. “As for my sentiment into the nature of the multi-verse, not the universe, I also will have to ask you to forgive me insomuch as that it is almost of an ineffable quality, and at this point is merely theoretical thinking on my part, but I will try and articulate it as best as I can. Essentially, I believe that we are the universe experiencing itself, the best exemplification of which is that, as Einstein noted, the universe is something that is expanding into nothingness. As human life forms moving throughout empty space, we are quite literally something expanding into nothingness. Now, there are theories and speculations that the observable universe is only a part of a collection of what could be perceived as an infinite numbers of universes known as the multi-verse, and the best way to imagine this view, is by thinking of each of the 9.8 billion people on this planet each as their own universe, and the some total of the entire populous thus making up what we perceive as the multi-verse. There is more too it than that, but it is the general jist of things. We are as Socrates postulated, just dust in the wind.”

For the first time that evening, Selena Nova was no longer bored by the conversation, and for the first time that evening had found something interesting to put her attention towards. “Now, that really is quite a fascinating speculation on your part Isaac,” she remarked with a swift turn of the neck that flicked her vibrant curly red hair one way, and brought her dazzling green eyes in direct contact with that of Isaac’s. “You know what, I think I’ve had enough festivities for one night,” she went on, putting her own glass of white wine down as she did so, “Mr. Kepler, would you mind seeing me home?”

“What was that? For a minute there I was quite sure that your hair was ablaze, and when I realized that it wasn’t, I noticed the little star of David necklace that you’re wearing and was wondering to myself as to whether you’re Jewish or not,” he answered in somewhat of a translucent daze.

“See, I don’t think Mr. Kepler is feeling quite well himself and maybe it is I that should be escorting him home,” Selena noted, wrapping her arm underneath Isaac’s once she had gotten up as if she was bracing him for something. “I do hope the two of you enjoy the rest of your night, and I thank you for having us for your little gathering,” and with that the two made there way back towards the entrance. Both Chelsea and Taylor watched as they departed with confused expressions etched across their faces.

There was nothing but silence for some several blocks as the two strolled throughout the neighborhood. Finally they got to a large fielded clearing before Selena’s pale hands grasped that of Isaac’s as she let out, “We need to make a right here.” Isaac was quite startled by this as she was directing him towards the vast field which appeared to be completely empty.
“I’m sorry, I thought that you had said that we were headed to your home,” Isaac rebuked, taking his hand back as he did so, “unless I’m quite mistaken and you’re living out of some tent that I cannot see.

“If you should only be patient then all shall become clear,” she replied cooly continuing along the path that she had taken them. “We are headed to my home, but it is quite a ways away and we’ll be needing transportation to get there.”

“What did you have in mind, that tree over there, and how far exactly are we talking?”

“Why I live on a foreign planet called Zion in a different region of the multi-verse as you’ve mentioned, and given your insight into the matter, I thought you’d like a little taste of it for yourself.”

“That’s not funny,” Isaac spat, stopping immediately as he did so. “I know that I’m not in the best of states and that I’m a little socially awkward, but I’m not stupid. If you wanted to make fun of me, you could have just done that at the party, and left me to return home to my studies. Or if this is some bizarre attempt of making me like you to lay with you, you hardly need to go on with it in this roundabout way. We could have just gone to my place like you suggested.”

“Come now Isaac, how can you believe in the infinite nature of the universe, and when presented an opportunity to explore said expanses, you deny the possibility of it. Was it not you who asked to know the universe on a far deeper level?”

“Well yes, but it is highly improbable, and, wait a second, how did you know that I asked for that?” Selena didn’t respond, but she had Isaac’s utmost attention at the statement, and he darted after her. “So if we are to be space traveling than where is your alien spaceship, because is that not what you are implying, that you are some kind of alien to our planet, and shouldn’t you be green or something?”

As the words left Isaac’s lip, Selena pressed at the little Star shaped edifice on her necklace and a great humming noise issued from out in front of them. The leaves of the grass began waving ferociously, as if some magnificent force was blowing against it, but for all that Isaac could see, despite his vision, there was nothing in front of them.

All of a sudden, to Isaac’s great astonishment, a large vessel in the aforesaid clearing began to materialize itself, and he could hardly believe his eyes at the sight. The spacecraft in question was black in color, and glistened as if it were made of some foreign rock like element. It was parabolic in shape at its forefront with two smaller parabolic arches meeting at a tail in its rear, giving it a striking resemblance to some great manta ray, or likened to the crescent moon itself. There was also a great pulsating blue light that ran along the edges of the UFO. The more that Isaac observed the vessel in front of him, the more he was reminded of one of those U2 stealth bombers utilized by the military, although clearly of much more advanced technology. What’s more, if Isaac was not quite mistaken, it was lacking in landing mechanisms and simply hovered in place, which explained how the grass beneath it was behaving.

“Oh my God, I’m on some good shit,” Isaac said more to himself than to anyone in general. “There is a perfectly good and logical explanation for this. I’m actually really back at the observatory tripping out of my mind, none of this is real, and I will wake up in the morrow back to my good senses to which I will laugh at all that I had envisaged. That is clearly the case here.”

“Your mind isn’t making this up Isaac, this is very real. That being said, how would you like to see the inside?

“Sure, I don’t see why not.” Once Isaac had agreed to Selena to invitation, she commenced to pushing the little star shaped emblem on her necklace, and as she did so a large circular disk emerged from the belly of the ship and began to rotate in a counterclockwise motion towards the ground below them, until it came to a complete stop on the ground beneath it.

Confused, Isaac simply followed Selena towards the circular device, and the two of them step forth onto it. After they were both situated firmly in the center of the foreign object Selena clicked her necklace again, and the two began rotate upwards in a clockwise like fashion, and as they did Isaac latched onto Selena, giving a little whimper as he did so. Then finally, the two were safely secured in the heart of that titanic ship.


There was only a vast abyss of darkness. Then, all of a sudden, there came a flickering and a bright purple light came to life, bordering the edges of the expansive circular room that Isaac and his newfound friend found themselves in. Isaac looked over the edges of his glasses as to get a better sight of what lay before him, and he was intrigued at the design of the room that they had entered in that every five feet or so along the circumference lead to one of many hallways. From what he could make out, the walls where made of the black metallic material as the aircrafts exterior, and there was a bright blue light that lined the ways, circling the room and making there way down the various tunnels of sorts.

“The purple lights that you’re curious about are to prepare the individual for the doppler shift, once we get far enough out into space, at which pointy the frequencies will match, and everything will become clear,” Selena said, as if reading Isaac’s thoughts to an eerily accurate degree. “Now come, and follow me,” she continued, making her way to the hallways in front of them as she did so.

The archway that she guided him through lead to a narrow hallway that was composed of a strange, grayish metallic substance, with even more bizarre engravings within it. There was also a glass-like tubing that ran amongst a straight line on either side, and it radiated a similar bluish-white light once every three seconds or so by Isaac’s count.

“Are there,” Nicolas began, but before he could say what was on his mind, Selena finished his sentence for him.

“Rooms aboard the ship?” Yes, there are many but they are hidden in plain sight,” she finished, running her hands along the wall to her left, causing the engravings where her hand had previously been to light up and shift in a circular motion, as a section of the wall dematerialized from view, revealing what looked like a small sleeping courters for a single individual.

They continued along their straight forward path, Isaac’s neck slightly craned behind him as they did so in astonishment as the wall rematerialized itself.

“So, where are we headed now,” Isaac questioned picking up his pace to keep up with Selena, his curiosity peaking.

“I believe its what you would call the bridge of the ship. We’ll be entering it in just a moment,” she answered, and shortly thereafter they came into a clearing which lead to a large room, that was semicircular in shape. On the far end of i, a large glass paneling traced the wall, revealing the outside world, and with it the starry night; even the moon was clearly visible on the left most side of the paneling.

“That’s relatively interesting,” Isaac remarked, as he observed what he only assumed to be the wing of the spacecraft with further scrutiny.

“What’s that,” Selena asked in return, with an innocent smile spread across her face.

“Well, it’s just that if I’m not mistaken, we should be at the front of the aircraft, or ship, or whatever you call it. But, if that’s the case, then there is something wrong with the image outside the window, or on that screen. All things considered, given our location, and the direction we’re pointed, we should be facing the campus, and have a rather marvelous nighttime view of it, but it seems to be displaying everything that should be behind us.”

“Why, I must say Isaac, your keen sense of observation fails to impress me. However, I’m curious as to whether or not you’ve forgotten your astrophysics in which you pride yourself on,” Selena inquired with a faint smile.

“I most certainly have not, why so ever would you ask such a thing?”

“Well then, let me ask you, what you could expect as one traverses further through the recess of space, and I pray you keep in mind the reasoning behind the lights in the control room.”

“Why, that is a fairly simple question. It has been argued that the further one goes out into space, the more so that time and space becomes dilated, and the ever present now all the more expanded, and so,” but the before he could finish, Isaac seemingly choked on his conclusion, as it explained what was in front of him.

“And so, at a relativistic speed, or light speed, a scene viewed from the front becomes the rear, and vice versa, so that both words lose their meaning, and also, objects from the front become bluer, whereas objects from the rear become more red in color, in which the combined effect of said Doppler implications is that of the color purple, isn’t that correct? Is that what you were going to say?”

“Something to that extent yes, but the only thing that I’m having difficulty of grasping is that by deduction that means that this vessel has the capacity of reaching a speed of nearly 186,000 miles per second, or in other words, of traveling at the speed of light. That can not be possible,” Nicolas objected.

“In an infinitely expanding multiverse, impossible is merely a word used by weak minds, and here I was beginning to think that you were a clever earthling,” a monotoned voice interjected from behind Isaac.

Isaac spun around on his heel in an about face like fashion, and nearly fainted at the sight in front of him. He had come face to face with a humanoid of some extent to whom was all gray in complexion and entirely covered in scales from head to foot and had the remarkable characteristics of an insect to some degree, like some oversized beetle, especially with the great wiry antennas protruding out of the forefront of his head which also contained a great many eyes, none of which seemed to be looking at Isaac at all.

“Isaac,” Selena started, “This is Noah, the ships navigator, but you might know him by his other name in Archangel Micheal.”

“Nice to be introduced to you,” the human-like beetle responded, however it was to no avail, as Isaac rolled on the floor laughing in front of them as his only response. “Sir, I’m not quite educated in earthly social cues and am horrible with both sarcasm and humor as I take everything quite literally, so I’m not quite so sure as to what you find so amusing. Could you please enlighten me on what is so funny to you.”

Isaac returned to his feet, wiping the tears from his eyes as he did so. “It’s, it’s nothing. Well, its just not only do you expect me to believe the spectacle in the fact that there are aliens dwelling out in the farthest regions of space, but know you also expect me to believe that this said species is also that of God’s archangel. Now that is just a type of improbability that is going to take me awhile to digest. I still think it the more realistic and believable of the case that I’m still high out of my mind back in the observatory, and that I’m hallucinating all of this to some varying extent. For all I know you’re probably just a fly on the wall back in the aforesaid wall, and my mind is playing horrible tricks on me. For all I know, the next thing that you’re going to have me to believe is that the fine young lady is some kind of angelic insect like yourself.” But as soon as the words had issued from Isaac’s dry lips, he wished that they had not parted, for Selena removed the star like necklace, after which she transformed before his eyes into a being of similar fashion to Noah, only with the exception that she was a deep oceanic blue in comparison to the deep grayish color of the so called Archangel Micheal.

“ Well answer me this, Isaac is it,” Noah interjected. “Are there those among you, that is earthlings, to whom believe in the ideology that there is a God in the heavens above?”

“Well, there are yes, but,” but before he could finish his statement, the insect like alien cut him off in his tracks. 

“Just as this is a belief of your earth, is it not also believed by some that we live in a universe of infinite proportions, and as a consequence that the notion of an alien species is completely plausible given the infinite quality of the aforesaid universe?

“Yeah, I suppose that is true as well, still,” but yet again, before he could finish his statement, the alien, or angle that was Noah cut him off.

“Also, if you consider that your scientific convictions, at least in regards to evolution stipulate that your species which, very possibly was designed by a magnificent and omnipotent god, also too has evolved from apes, then why not is it possible in the same universe that the more angelic of the two has evolved from something else as you have? If that is not hard to believe, then how is it that the later of the two is?” At this, Isaac was at a complete loss for words, but still Noah continued on in his tangent of the way of things. “For you see the truth of the matter, is that it is the compilation of your beliefs are all accurate to varying degrees and sort of commingle and coexistent amongst one another as they are conceived, this is the intuitive nature of your species. That is, in the vast recesses of space, there both is and is not a god, which I will expand on later. However, there are as many species of beings throughout the multi-verse, which you perceive to be alien to you. One in specific is that of the reptilians, to whom have been seeking refuge on your planet for millennium, and wish to have it for themselves, it is this species, that your religious refer to as the fallen angles, and we the grays, are the more faithful of the two. As we evolved from insects, so they evolved from that in which was first taken form, that is the reptile, as you have evolved from your ape ancestors. We battle them, and they you. There is much more too it than that, but I shall leave it at that for now. However, I will also finish on another point, in that just as your sun will supernova in the utter destruction of your planet, and don’t you worry, as it is some one million years from now, so too is our sun to our home planet Zion about to do in the next couple of days.”

“Fascinating,” Isaac let out, not quite sure what else to say, his attention shifting to the great holographic imaging found in the ships ceiling. “So, what’s this,” he continued hoping to change the subject.

“You can think of that as the ships GPS. It gives us a holographic representation of our spatiotemporal location in space. If you see here, it currently shows our cosmic address as the state of Massachusetts on the planet Earth of the Milky Way galaxy, that is of course of the Virgo Supercluster. We will of course have to be changing destinations here soon,” the little gray one replied.
‘This is remarkable. But tell me, if this is the ships bridge, can you tell me why it is as the ships navigator that there are no devices as one can tell for steering or controlling the ship, that is, where is the ships controls?”

“Not a problem. Zionist are completely capable of telepathy, and thus we navigate The Arch, that being the name of the ship telepathically. That is the ship takes us to the place in question that we have in mind.”

“Ah I see, why yes, that explains why this looks more like a library or someone’s living quarters than it does a ships bridge or control room,” Isaac replied. “Would I be correct in assuming that this means that Zion is the ships current destination?”

“Very clever, yes, you would be correct in your assumption,” Noah answered. “And you’re very welcome to come along with us if you are up to it.

“I’m not quite sure, I do have my studies to attend to after all, and I’d hate to miss school, work, and the likes. But seeing as to how this is a once and a lifetime opportunity I guess I don’t see why not.”

“Absolutely wonderful. Besides, your concerns are not to be taken lightly, and I assure you, you have nothing to worry about insofar as The Arch is capable of time travel, so we can bring you back at this precise moment in time if need be,” Noah replied.

“There is a notion that I would like you to get to before we leave however, in that comment you made pertaining to God that you said you would get to later, what is your insights into that nature?”

“Perfectly well, Isaac, I am after all a man of my world. As you very well are aware of ontological notions and the likes, one could deduce that with the existence of human beings, or the earth and the universe for that matter, that there must be a creator  as one could very well deduce from a simple watch, that is that it needs a maker. Now, in answer to this, I would like you to turn your attention to that philosophical question as to whether or not God could create a rock that he himself could not pick up, seeing as to how he is all powerful, but in not being able to do so would make him less than all-powerful. This solution is answered in the infinite nature of the multi-verse. Now, I want you to imagine that there is one universe, say your own, in which God can pick up said rock proving how all-powerful he is. Meanwhile in another universe, lets call it universe two, God has simultaneously created for himself one in which he cannot pick up the rock, and lets go so far as to say that he is all of the multi-verse, the big bang himself, and that in one universe he does not exist. A good exemplification of this is in the fact that you believe that you are created in God’s image, and how your eyes very well resemble nebula just as various other parts of your anatomy take their likeness from differing parts of the universe. Lets also say that God is the collective unconscious, and the force that drives all things, through all conceptualizes this would make him the beginning and the end of all things, and is more that just the old man that lives in the sky as he is very well depicted. After all, a conceptualizing of an omniscient being irrevocably has to go beyond any human ideation of such, as human understanding doesn’t reach such heights, as it transcends our species own understanding. That is the general basis of it, but in no means completely describes the answer to which you are looking for. This is also why the nature of the universe is that of creation.”

“That makes sense,” Isaac said, nodding his head as if he had completely understood what Noah had imparted him with. “Now then, let’s get going then shall we?” 

All of a sudden there came a tremendous humming nose issued forth from the heart of The Arch as if in response to Isaac’s question, which no doubt it was given the nature of its telepathic nature of its design.

“You’re going to want to hold onto something,” Micheal quipped as the ship began to make its ascent into the heavens, rotating in a clockwise like fashion as it did so. “Warp speed travels faster than the speed of light, which is the terminal velocity that we’ll need to reach. It is a bit much for first time travelers,” Micheal continued motioning over to a bookshelf on the opposite side of the room.
Isaac proceeding to where Micheal had directed him, but before he had the chance to cross over to the other side of the room, The Arch shot forward with a thunderous clap, and Isaac with thrust backward in the direction of which he had originally come from. As he hit the deck, he became aware of the great big tele-screen at the front of the spacecraft. The image that it displayed suddenly adjusted itself so that what it displayed what was in front of them, and he noticed the moon shoot past them in  a blur, as the stars surrounding them ostensibly streaked past them in great stretched out blurs that seemed to curve around the ship. Also, if he was not quite mistaken, there was a certain visual effect in which things seemed to display a blue and reddish tint to them, no doubt a result of the Doppler effect in which Selena had precautioned him against. Nonetheless, Selena, Noah, and Isaac hurdled towards their destination of Zion at a speed of a couple of hundred parsecs per minute.