Feb. 1st, 2017- It was a day like any other at the local Cameron Park airport for the vast majority of the day. In the sky, observes could note a blue and white striped plane circling for some thirty minutes, preparing to make it’s usual stop along the air-mat. However, it was as the plane came in for it’s landing at 1:55 P.M., that things went slightly array. The plane, whose identification tag N32BJ, located on the tail-end of the private aircraft, came to an abrupt landing, as the wheels did not fully extend as it came down, sending it skidding to a forced halt along the Cameron Park landing strip.

Emergency services arrived on scene some five minutes later, at approximately 2:00 P.M., and have been there for the duration of an hour, as the plane remains grounded at the spot in which it came to it’s final resting place. As locals documented in the surrounding area documented the incident via their cellular devices, no-doubt with the intention of sending to the various news companies in nearby vicinity,  and to share on the various social-media websites, there was speculation that the plane belonged to one****, a Cameron Park local who is known for having a similar aircraft, although this is merely speculation at this time from those that witnessed the incident.

It was not until 3:15 P.M. that the Cameron Park Airport personal and emergency service staff where able to hoist the plane onto a device which allowed them to roll it safely off of the Cameron Park landing strip at 3:23 P.M, at which point emergency services left the scene shortly thereafter.

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#Hard Landing #KCRA

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