Was the man I met outside of the commercial lot
His business, one that wouldn’t arouse a thought
Considering it was located on a one night spot

An eyesore of an RV, off to the right-hand side
In plain sight, but still, plainly trying to hide
Writing his life story, to any he could confide

A work in progress, as writing always is
The rights to that narrative, distinctly his
No best-seller; still worthy as anyone else’s

Still, back to the studio I was headed
Though, a part of my ego dreaded
That destination, as my parents fretted

No. He deserves a spot across the street
For an entire audience to come to their feet
For doing what it is that makes his heart beat

Choosing a life on the road for all to see
Having the courage to do that, and be free
As an example to you and me, of how to just be