It is my love for words that brought forth the beautiful serendipity
Of realizing that we are all the artisans of our own destiny.
For if the creator of beautiful things is what it takes for an artist to be,
Then the things that we do with our lives are our greatest exhibits for all to see.
Maybe this belief is just a type of romantic fantasy.
Or, perhaps it’s the message behind Emerson’s essay entitled History.
Following in his footsteps, Thoreau tried teaching the same lesson for you and me.
As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he, and thus our dreams could become a reality.
With a universal mind attracting the things we think of daily,
A relative law guided by the heart’s desire to be happy,
And focus on making one’s life more rudimentary,
Then one will come to find a life with more simplicity,
A life devoid of the things that prevent us from being mentally free,
One filled with purpose and harmony and in accordance with one’s true alchemy,
Child-like faith the size is all it takes to see that we need not worry,
Belief in the infinite, that one can live a life where their heart is, filled with joyous glee.